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Laundry Detergent Recipe

Every piece of clothing you take out of the dryer still has residue from the detergent. You put those clothes on your body and that residue goes INTO your skin. Your body+hormones are affected by the chemicals that your skin absorbs. Even the best “unscented” detergents still contain bad chemicals.

A lot of people’s complaint with oils is how expensive it is. However, it is really only as expensive as you make it. I learned this recipe from my nana and have seen it on numerous other oil pages that I follow. This detergent can last you up to 9 months and all it takes is ONE bottle of thieves detergent.


•3 (32 oz) bottles with pumps

• Divide thieves laundry soap evenly into the 3 bottles

• Add two capfuls of thieves cleaned in each bottle

• Add 20-30 drops of your favorite oil in the bottles

• Fill with warm water and shake to combine

Depending on the load you can use 2-3 pumps because the detergent is THAT concentrated.